Close to My Heart – A Solly Baby Giveaway

photo1 In the first two weeks of Margot’s precious life, she has spent a good portion of it close to my heart. Whether she’s nursing or I’m carrying her, there’s something intricate and delicate and so special about having her near to me. She spent nearly 10 months inside of me, warm and growing, getting close with her mama. Now that she’s here with us, wrapped up against my chest is her favorite place to be. Her head nuzzled up against me, the sound of my heartbeat close to her listening ears… it’s her happy place.

Babywearing is so important to me. Not only does it strengthen the bond between my new baby and I, it makes life with other littles much easier. If Adair and Ingrid want to go outside, I can strap Baby Marge to my chest and make it happen. If Phil and I want to enjoy a breakfast in town, we don’t have to worry about lugging the carseat in with us. And when it comes to grocery shopping – it’s basically the only way I can do it with all 3 girls along for the ride. photo2 Solly Baby is a new-to-me company, started by the lovely Elle Rowley. I have gotten to know Elle a bit over the past few months, and she is just delightful. She, too, just welcomed her third little one to the world. Elle makes and sells the most wonderful wraps that make babywearing so easy. Solly Baby graciously sent me their grey natural stripe wrap and I have used it every single day since we came home from the hospital. It’s so cute, super cozy, and best of all – MJ loves it. She’s snug as a bug when she’s wrapped up close to my heart. All of the Solly Baby wraps are made using American factories, fabric mills, dye houses, and printers. Winning!

(I should also mention that I used a Moby wrap with Addie and couldn’t stand it. It was thick and bulky and wearing it in warm weather was miserable! My Solly Baby Wrap is a million times better!)

One lucky reader here is going to receive a Solly Baby Wrap in the color of their choice! Just enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 1.31.23 PMa Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Lindsay says

    My favorite thing about a newborn baby is their smell! That wrap is adorable! I wish I had one with my first.

  2. says

    I don’t have a baby to put in one of these wraps, but I just wanted to say that I got to meet Elle at Alt Summit this year. I sat in on her Round Table, and she was so kind and generous with her knowledge, and I even got one of her infinity scarves in this same gray stripe. I love it! So soft and wonderful quality. I wear it all the time.

  3. Jessica says

    I love this! I have been trying to find a wrap to get since Luke was born and have been having a terrible time. Thanks for the review!

  4. Ashley says

    What don’t I love about the newborn stage! One of my favorite things about a newborn is their ability to captivate. I can’t help but snuggle and gaze at their sweet little features as the nap:) come October! I’m ready to meet my bug.

  5. Kristin says

    The snuggles. I love how they don’t really wake up much for the first two weeks. Baby wearing is essential when you have more than one!!!

  6. Hayley says

    My favorite thing is that you can somehow consume an entire day by just watching and looking at your newborn.

  7. Kate Leonard says

    I’m expecting my first baby in July and am planning on baby wearing. I would ABSOLUTELY ADORE a light, summertime wrap! I have this psychic mama-like feeling that she’s just going to want to snuggle up near me like Baby Margot (or maybe I just really want to keep her close? Both I’m guessing!) I’m looking forward to the snuggles & bonding in the newborn stage. xo

  8. Vanessa Florez says

    Just so everyone knows, the IG name is @sollybabywrap when you go to follow.

    Oh, and the mint one? *swoon*

  9. Holly Billings says

    I love sweet baby snuggles, seeing my husband and daughter with them, and kissing their little head while wearing them!

  10. Kelly B says

    I used a Moby with my first child too, but with a baby due at the start of summer, the Moby will be hot! This wrap looks great!

  11. noelle richter says

    while i anxiously await our sweet 2nd daughter (any day!!) i can’t wait to hold that sweet soft baby skin and snuggle with her. i love kissing newborn heads and can’t wait to have her in my arms to do just that.

  12. says

    My favorite thing about a newborn is cuddling with them! Oh and I also found the Moby Wrap with my first was soooo hot. I was interested in these because the fabric seems much lighter and there is less of it to wear. I hope I win as I’m due with my second coming in May and would LOVE to try this out!

  13. says

    Oh there are so many things to love about a newborn! My top two are they way they smell and the sweet snuggles while nursing. I will need a wrap so badly with my third little boy due in 4 months!! Thanks!

  14. KellyAnne Scott says

    My favorite thing is all the firsts! The first smile, coo, giggle, rolling over! It’s all so exciting! I would love to win this. I love love love baby wearing!

  15. Sabrina Zapata says

    My favorite thing about a newborn is the bond mothers immediately have! It’s lovely seeing it and experiencing for yourself :)

  16. Jackie K. says

    I have a 12 week old baby girl and I love rubbing my check against hers. they are just so fat and soft!! =)

  17. Courtney says

    i’m expecting my first in July so I’m not sure what my favorite newborn thing is just yet, but i know i cannot wait to meet her!!

  18. KellyAnne Scott says

    Ahhh!!!!! I won???? I am so so so excited!!!!!!

    What do I need to do from here? AHhhh! Now I can’t decide on a color!

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