A Few Things for Baby Girl…

Baby Girl will be here soon and we couldn’t be more excited to meet her. With her being #3 (and another girl!) she’ll be born into a LOAD of hand-me-downs. While this is wonderful for us, I can’t help but think she needs a few things to call her own. Over the past few months, I’ve gathered just a few sweet pieces for her. Most are handmade, which is lovely…

1. Minty Take-Home Outfit from the Gap
2. Freshly Picked Moccs in Blush
3. Garden Art Print from The Wheatfield
4. Organic Cloud Cap from Juniper Wilde
5. Sleepy Cloud Pillow from Piggy Hates Panda
6. Lace Onesie Tanks from H&M
7. Organic Mountain Swaddler from Juniper Wilde

Everything else for our dear little one used to be her sister’s, which is pretty sweet too… What are some of your favorite handmade shops or things to gift little ones?

Counting down the days…

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