Backyard Movie Night Birthday Party

We celebrated Addie’s second birthday this weekend by enjoying a movie in the backyard with family and friends. It was such a fun party, and honestly didn’t take that much work. (See the details below!) We had hot dogs, popcorn, cupcakes, candy, and soda (or juice boxes for the littles!) while we watched the Lorax on a homemade movie screen. (P.S. The Lorax is a FANTASTIC movie for both kiddos and adults!) Addie’s favorite things are hot dogs, popcorn, and movies, so she was pretty much enthralled!

The hot dogs cooked on low in the slow cooker for 4 hours. Then we put them in buns, wrapped them in foil, and warmed them in a 200 degree oven for about 30 minutes. Perfectly warm when it was time to eat!
We put homemade popcorn in cute little treat sacks from Cherished Blessings on Etsy.
I made some amazing pumpkin cupcakes fromĀ Lulu the Baker.
The concession-style candy was inspired by Oh Happy Day.
The homemade “Movie Night” banner was made by yours truly.
My cousin Giselle designed the ADORABLE invitations.

For the movie screen, we bought a $6 white drop cloth from the hardware store. I hand-sewed the top of it like a curtain. Then, we ran a small pvc pipe through it, and a rope through the pipe. This ensured it was straight and tight at the top. The rope was then tied to the trees. At the bottom, we used another pvc pipe to weigh it down. We also put a few concrete bricks behind the screen so it couldn’t blow back. We’re going to see if we can roll it up nicely and reuse it sometime. :) Oh, and we already had the lights hanging out back, but you can get them at Target or Hobby Lobby for like 12 bucks or so.

Enjoying a juice box for the first time!
Blowing out her candle!
Icing first! My kind of girl. :)
Snuggles with daddy.
Thank you to our sweet family and friends who came and celebrated our girl!


  1. Rachel says

    This looks so awesome! I am wanting to do this for myself and some friends this summer. How did the sheet work for a screen? Also, how did you do your sound? Thanks!

    • says

      Thanks, Rachel! The sheet worked GREAT! (It was actually a painter’s dropcloth!) We just used some computer speakers for the sound. We probably could have had it louder!

  2. Mickey says

    What kind of projector did you use? I would love to do this with my kids and I am so overwhelmed as to what kind of projector to get!

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