DIY: Owl Mobile

Eeek! I am so excited to share this with you. I’ve been wanting to make Addie a mobile for a long time. After a little research and lots of hard work, it’s finished!

It started as this…

…and slowly became the cutest little thing!

The few with back details :)

It actually turned out much cuter than I thought it would. The great news is that it cost me less than ten dollars to make! It did take a lot of time – roughly 5 hours or so. I sewed it all by hand, so that makes sense. I wanted each owl to be different, but still wanted them to go together. I made them all the same colors, so that helped them look like a family. I added a few special touches, like hearts on the back, and a blue “A” for Adair!

The Supplies: 
Felt – about 8 sheets
DMC floss
A big needle
Yarn (I used a really thin metallic thread-like yarn!)
A big metal ring
A ceiling hook

The Steps:
1. Cut out all the parts (owl bodies, eyes, beaks, wings, hearts, etc.)
2. Sew on parts to front of owl
3. Sew front to back – about half-way
4. Thread yard through top so owl can hang
5. Stuff with poly-fill
6. Finish sewing
7. Tie onto ring
8. Repeat with the rest of the owls
9. Wrap yard around ring, covering brass
10. Add more yarn to hang
11. Hang!
12. Enjoy! Clap! Smile! (This was Addie’s reaction!)

YAY! Feel free to steal this great idea :)


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