Thankful for Food

If you’ve been reading lately, you know I love food. I love making it. I love eating it. I love what food can do for people. It can heal. It can ease. It can comfort. It can encourage. It can calm. It can invite. It can bring people together in a soft and wonderful way. It can break down walls. When I am at the grocery with a cart full of food, I try to remember to say a thankful prayer under my breath. It is something I so often take for granted. Usually, when I think about those without food I picture starving children in the third world that you see on those commercials. I don’t think about the kids down the street or in my classroom. But, a shocking 1 in 5 children in the United States does not have enough to eat. I can’t believe it. Food is essential for a good day. Food is a necessity to grow and learn and thrive in this world. If you can help, please donate to No Kid Hungry. Just $1 can feed a child breakfast 10 times. $18 can provide 180 breakfasts! (Crazy, I know!)

Click here to donate now. To donate $1, or $18, just enter the amount in the section labeled “other $.”

Donations to No Kid Hungry help Share Our Strength provide food, supplies, and technical assistance to organizations feeding kids via summer meal and breakfast programs. They also teach families how to prevent hunger at home. To learn more, click here. 

I learned about this campaign through my involvement with The Mission List. This was a volunteer post. I was not compensated. 


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    This is such a wonderful program. I taught at a Title 1 school and it was heartbreaking to watch little ones save their breakfast & lunch leftovers to eat at home for dinner. I always gave snack at the end of the day but that is not a substitute for a healthy meal. So many kids struggle over the summers without school meals. Thank you for bringing attention to this!

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