Something to Wear, Something to Play, Something to Read, and Something Handmade

In our family tradition, we have always strived for a simpler Christmas. Instead of overloading the girls with presents, we like to pick just a few things that they will love. In year’s past we have given just 3 main gifts – something to wear, something to read, and something to play with. But this year, we are giving 4 presents. Something to wear, something to play, something to read, and something handmade. (The English teacher in me just about dies at how lovely that all sounds together! Ha!) Of course we do stocking stuffers and some traditional gifts (everyone gets new PJs!) but these 4 are the main gifts they’ll receive this year… 
Something to wear: her very own set of Chewbeads!
Something to play: A bouncing Rody toy!
Something to read: Sing Away the Dark by Caroline Woodward
Something handmade: A revamped vintage high chair & baby doll

Something to wear: This adorable handmade dot hat!
Something to play: A Bilibo toy!
Something to read: This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers
Something handmade: My old dollhouse, revamped with new occupants!
What are your gift-giving rules? How do you strive for a simple Christmas?

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