Our Top 10 Christmas Movies of All Time

I wonder how many of you are at home reading blogs today. :) Or, are you out in the Black Friday madness? I certainly have my opinion about that but I’ll leave that for another day. Now that Thanksgiving has been celebrated, we can OFFICIALLY celebrate Christmas, right?! Thought I’d put together a fun little round-up of our top Christmas Movies of all time. Tis’ the season! Grab your hunny, your kiddos, or whoever you love to watch movies with and enjoy one of these great Christmas classics. (We own a lot of these, but many are available on Netflix or are shown on TV around the holidays!) Enjoy!!
1. A Charlie Brown Christmas – A classic 
2. Elf – We started watching this after Halloween
3. Home Alone – A funny one to watch with the entire family
4. It’s a Wonderful Life – A classic movie about the importance of family
5. Christmas Vacation – My favorite movie EVER. (And yes, we watched this last week!)
6. The Polar Express – A great one for kiddos
7. Meet Me in St. Louis – A fun musical for the whole family
8. The Holiday – Perfect for date night! (Does anyone else LOVE Jack Black in this movie?!)
9. The Grinch – A classic and the new one is great
10. White Christmas – Another great classic that I actually loathed growing up. Good thing I love it now!
What’s your favorite holiday flick?


  1. Rach says

    A Christmas Carol (Scrooge). The 1951 version. We watched it every year when I was a child. In fact we probably watched it at least a dozen times a year!

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