Blueberry Green Smoothie

I’ve officially jumped on the smoothie bandwagon. I’m bad at eating breakfast, so I started making smoothies to make sure I’m getting some good nutrients at the start of my day. I’ve made a variety of smoothies over the past few weeks – always using whatever ingredients we happen to have on hand. This blueberry green smoothie is my favorite. It’s easy to make and I usually have all of the ingredients. I make it with my immersion blender (one of the BEST and MOST-USED kitchen gadgets!!) and usually share a little bit with Addie. (She has no idea about the spinach!)

1 C frozen blueberries
1 C fresh spinach
1 tablespoon ground flax
1 tablespoon honey (optional)
1/4 C liquid – I have used Kefir, OJ, pineapple juice, and water – Just use what you have on hand!

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Isn’t this so blogger of me?! To put a stripey straw in my drink and take a photo of it?! I’ll admit that it does taste better when slurping out of a stripey straw… :)

What are your favorite smoothies? My other fav is a banana, oat, and peanut butter one. I’ll have to share that recipe soon!


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