Home is the Heartbeat of Family {A Resolution for the New Year}

This little mantra has slowly been repeating itself in the back of my mind over the past few months. I can’t remember where I read it first, but the concept is exactly right. Home – the place where my family lives and thrives – is the heartbeat of our existence. 
Instead of making a list of resolutions for the new year, I am choosing only one: To create and maintain a loving home. As cliche or simple as this may sound, it’s important to me. As big and endless this goal seems, I’ve narrowed it down to four simple principles:

Simple aesthetic – This is probably the most challenging part of this resolution. Our home is certainly messy. Sometimes the good messy – traces of projects being made, meals being prepared, messes created by a curious toddler, etc. Sometimes it’s the bad messy. The kind that drives my husband insane. The kind of messy that makes you realize you still have too much. So, to achieve this simple aesthetic, we will be boxing things up, rotating our toys and books in and out, giving away things we don’t use, and making sure everything we do have serves a purpose and has a place. (You know, a place where it can be put away.)
Creative possibilities – We have a house that is too big for us. We don’t use a lot of it, in fact. We have an entire craft room that is an unbelievable mess. So much so that nothing can really be done in there. I want to create spaces – whether it be the craft room, playroom, or dining room – that invite us to be creative. A place for art projects. A place for sewing. A place for rolling out dough and chopping vegetables. A place for writing. A place for reading. A place for painting. A place for singing. A place for gluing pasta onto construction paper. A place for making messes. 
Peaceful environment – Not completely different from the simple aesthetic I have in mind, this one has more to do with decor and design and attitude. I’d like our home to be a place of rest and comfort. I’d like my bedroom to be a haven – a place I can’t wait to escape to each night. I want our living room to be a place to relax and retreat. Our dining room – a place to enjoy food and each other and guests. Our home should be our favorite place. While I do love our home, it’s not quite there. 
Loving hearts and minds – It goes without saying that I could always be more loving, more patient, more forgiving, and more selfless. I want my children to grow up with a mama who is fully ready to love them (and put up with their antics) at the start of each day. I’ve come to realize the importance of taking time for me. Whether it’s a hot bath, a few minutes of quiet time, or reading through some of my favorite poetry, I need to take time each day to relax and unwind so that I can be present and patient and loving and every other good thing for my girls. (Oh, and for my husband.)

I’m excited for what the new year brings! Happy new year to you, friends!

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