Sisters, Sisters: Sharing a Room

Today is the first post in a new series called “Sisters, Sisters.” (I hope when you hear that phrase you immediately think of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, which this series is aptly named after.) Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing some of my insights and observations upon being the mother of 3 (soon-to-be) sisters. When I was pregnant with Ingrid, everyone always said things to me like, “Oh, just wait until you see their sisterly bond!” Since I grew up with a brother, I really had no idea what they were talking about, other than sharing clothes and cloth diapers and rectal thermometers. 😉 But now that Ingrid and Addie are quite the pair, it’s obvious that their connection is deep and that they will be friends for life. Knowing that a 3rd little lady is coming into our lives very soon is quite exciting. Before long, all 3 of them will be playing, giggling, pretending, and getting along fighting together.

When Ingrid was finally weaned, we made the decision to move both girls into the same room. Like most big transitions, I was a bit terrified. I assumed that they’d never go to sleep and that they’d continuously wake each other up all night long. We had 3 or 4 days of one girl waking the other up, but we stuck with it and now they never wake one another. (Unless, of course, vomiting or hysterical crying is involved.) What is really neat is that they love to share a room. They spend a lot more time playing in there during the day, too. Many mornings, I hear them lying in there, awake, talking back and forth. It’s adorable. Ingrid has become Miss Independent, too, since having Addie as a new roommate. I think the transition made her grow up a bit, which is bittersweet to me, of course.

I took a few photos of their new digs. The room is a mess, but this is our daily reality, even minutes after we clean it up. Addie is in a twin bed (my old one!) and Ingrid just moved to a toddler bed (not pictured) last week. Perhaps once the baby’s room is done, we’ll work on getting this one a little more put together…

It’s funny, because nearly everyone I know who has their children sharing a room loves it! The kids seem to play better and have a stronger bond because of it. I’m curious to know your experience! Do your children share a room? Do they share a bed?? Did you share a room growing up? Chime in!


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