Our Babymoon Staycation


If you have children and you are rarely apart from them, you will understand just how glorious (and seriously needed) 24 hours of alone time with your spouse can be. Last weekend, Phil and I enjoyed a 24+ hr kid-free babymoon staycation and it was beautiful. Originally, we were planning to take a small trip sometime in the months before Baby #3 was born, but finally decided to save some moo-lah and stick around town instead. After all, there are so many fun things to do where we live, many of which we rarely get to enjoy. Phil’s sister, Emily, watched the girls at her place for the weekend and we were able to have some much needed alone time.

After we dropped the girls off on Saturday morning, we had a 30 minute drive back to town. Most of the ride, we were both silent, taking in the pure simplicity of peace and quiet. (A rarity when you have children!) First off, we found our favorite local food truck, the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company and ordered our biscuit brunch, which we ate in the car because of the weird 30-degree weather. After brunch, we walked around downtown perusing wine shops, book shops, and art stores.

We had plans to see an afternoon showing of 12 Years a Slave at our favorite local theater, Ragtag Cinema, but it didn’t start for another hour or so. Doing what nerdy parents do, we opted to go to the library and find new books. Browsing the shelves sans kids is seriously a luxury. Ha! 12 Years a Slave was easily the best and most powerful film I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, try to make time to do it soon. It’s a good thing we saw it in the afternoon because I felt like I needed a nap afterwards from how much I cried during the movie.

Like an old married couple, we went home and took a nap (around the same time I’d normally be fixing dinner). We really surprised ourselves and decided to go out to dinner at 9 PM on Saturday night! We went to a local “English” pub, 44 Stone. It was fabulous, as usual. We commenced the evening by drinking a glass of wine (okay, I had half a glass) in bed and watching Jimmy Fallon on Hulu. PS – Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show is the best thing ever. I don’t know how he’s going to keep this up for the next 30ish years.

Sunday morning, we slept in. I woke up with bright sun shining in my face and checked my phone to see what time it was. 8:30! EIGHT THIRTY! It has been at least 3.5 years since I have slept in that late, you guys. Glory be! We laid around, made coffee, looked at cookbooks, then decided to go on a hike around the farm. Fairly certain when it’s time to put myself in labor, a walk around our property will do it. I had to take so many breaks, it was pathetic. But, it was a beautiful morning! After our walk, we got dressed and went to Les Bourgeois for brunch. It’s a nice restaurant that overlooks the Missouri River. We had warm marinated olives. Phil got a ridiculously good Bloody Mary. I had Eggs Benedict (my favorite!) and Phil got the local trout. Again, dreams come true.

All in all, our babymoon staycation was bliss (and admittedly, mostly centered around food). I told Phil we’ve got to do this more than once every 2 or 3 years. If you have kids (or if you’re about to become a parent!) you MUST take some time to do adultish things with your love. Okay??¬†xoxo, L

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