DIY: Vegetable Can Herb Garden

Oooh, I’m excited to share this project with you. This is something I found on Pinterest a long time ago and thought I could make myself. I made a few changes to the original and I just think it turned out lovely. I like being able to repurpose our cans. I only had to buy the herbs for this project, so it didn’t cost much at all. What I like best is that the cans are big enough to hold a good-sized plant, but small enough that I have to use my herbs! I’m trying to cook with them in every meal! Ok, here’s how to do it…

What you need:

old vegetable cans (these can be different sizes – it’s up to you!)
nail & hammer (or a drill)
spray paint (pick a color that looks good outside!)
chalkboard paint (this comes in spray, too. fyi!)
paint brush
potting soil

First, remove the labels from your cans and make sure they are clean and dry. Then, spray paint your cans. Give them a couple of coats so they are nice and pretty. (Don’t they look like Solo cups?)

Next, you need to hammer holes in the bottom. I’d do 3 or 4 so that the water can drain properly. This is a MUST for successful growing! Since I didn’t have a working drill or drill bit, I just took a big metal nail and hammered the holes in the bottom. It took no time at all. (Thinking back on it, I’d probably complete this step before I painted the cans. Makes sense.)

Now add your chalkboard paint. I decided to do a variety of things with the paint. On some cans, I put the chalkboard paint at the top and on some I did the bottom. If you were super creative, you could tape off some fun designs and add your paint that way. Wouldn’t a chevron or checkered print be cute? Make sure the paint is dry before you do anything else.

Next, plant your herbs. I recommend doing this step before writing on the cans, just so you don’t mess up any of that cuteness. I had to add just a little bit of potting soil to each can to fill them up. Then, water your plants.

Last but not least, use some chalk to label each plant. When you continue to water your plants, just make sure to pour the water from the opposite side of the wording so it doesn’t wash off. And, if it does, just use your chalk and label it again!

Place your cans in a place that gets lots of sunlight. You can even hang them if you put holes in the sides! If your herbs get too big, you can certainly take them out and plant them in the ground. Best thing yet – save your cans and reuse them again next year! Wouldn’t they make the cutest gifts or party favors?

Happy gardening! If you make a veggie can herb garden, I’d love to see it!
Don’t forget about this month’s challenge – to get your thumbs green! There’s still plenty of time!

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