And Two Will Soon Be Three

Adair and Ingrid,

In just a handful of days, our lives will be forever changed by the birth of your baby sister. You probably won’t remember life without her, but I want to do my best to share with you just how wonderful our time as a family of 4 has been. For over 2 years, the 3 of us have spent our days together. While dad is at work, we play and create and make and imagine and dream. It’s not always easy or even fun, but there is something special about getting to spend our days together, at home. I pray that you remember how wonderful this time of our lives was. I hope you know grateful I am to raise you and how much it will mean to me as you continue to grow up.

2 While I wish I could say I was your favorite, the truth is that you are both crazy about your daddy. (Addie, you’ve always been this way. But Ingrid, just in the past 6 months have you really become a daddy’s girl. I guess I’m okay with it.) You ask for him during the day. You wait for him when it’s time for him to be home. If you are scared or hurt and daddy is around, he is the one you run to. I’m so thankful that you put your hope and trust in him, girls. He loves you beyond your wildest dreams and we are all lucky that he’s the man in our lives.

1 At this time in your lives, the two of you couldn’t possibly be more different from each other. Addie, you love to play and dress up and build things. Ingrid, you love to draw and color and explore. But you share so much, too. Your smiles are the same, the way you ask for your daddy when he’s at work, the face you get when you don’t like what’s going on, the face you make when you’re being ornery. You both love to go to the park or help with the chickens or watch a movie. You are both sensitive and strong, funny and smart. Ingrid, you mimick your sister so much. You long to be like her. You try to keep up with her all day long. If she wants a ponytail, you do too. If she wants to take a doll and a purse in the car, you have to take a doll and a purse in the car. If she is running around the yard with the big kids, then you have to be a big kid, too.

3 Just like all sisters, you girls have finally started driving each other crazy. Sometimes you argue about the silliest things, like who gets to claim their favorite color as blue or sharing a bowl of imaginary candy. But at the end of the day, you love each other deeply. Not because you are told to and not because it’s expected, but because you really do love each other so much. When you are apart, ¬†you ask where your sister is. When one of you is sick, the other is by your side, making sure you are okay. As your mama, there is no greater gift than seeing this love grow between you.

When your new baby sister comes home to stay with us, life is going to be different, and at times, difficult. But after the first few weeks, we’ll get in a rhythm and our new normal will make us all feel complete. You’ll find such joy in your new baby sister and you’ll soon forget that there was ever a time when she wasn’t here with us. Instead of the two of you always being in cahoots, you’ll soon be a trio of little adventure girls, spending your days together, driving each other crazy, and loving each other so very much.

I can’t wait!

I love you, I love you, I love you…




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