learningonlove I’m so excited to FINALLY be starting “school” with the girls, at home. We’re calling it that because I don’t know what else to call it and because Addie can’t wait until she gets to be a kindergartener. “Couple more ears!” she always says. 😉

I’m not planning on home-schooling the girls, but I do want to incorporate some intentional learning activities into our day. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and just in the past couple of weeks have finally put together a few things that I think they’ll be excited about.

My plan is to spend about 30 or 40 minutes each day doing “school.” We’ll pick a topic each week and do things each day to explore whatever it is. My goal is that it would be fun, engaging, creative, and exploratory. I don’t have certain objectives or anything, really, I just want the girls to have some fun learning about and exploring new things.

This week’s topic is FISH! (Which is perfect because we spent our weekend at a trout hatchery!) Today was our very first lesson. We explored some field guides that I checked out from the library and learned the word ‘habitat’ as we were reading. Then, the girls drew fish they saw in the books. Then, we made paper fish out of shapes I cut out. It took about 40 minutes, and it was the perfect amount of time to keep their attention. Of course, Addie was a little more into it than Ingrid, but that’s what I expected.

Like I said, this is nothing formal. I’m not following any specific plan and I don’t have any rules. Just something fun for us to do. It’s good for me because I get to come up with some fun ideas and it’s good for them because they are learning and creating and exploring! I’m pretty excited.

I don’t think I’ll be posting much here about our “school,” but I will be on Instagram sharing little bits. You can follow the hashtag #learningonlove to see our adventures in “school!”

Enjoy! -L

**I’ve been using Pinterest as a resource, as well as these amazing blogs, which are FULL of creative and exploratory activities that can go along with our topics each week.



  1. Ashley says

    I would love to do something like that eventually. I’m completely overwhelmed by all of the ideas online though. I was thinking about going through a letter and a number each week and doing corresponding activities. We are going to send our son to a preschool in the fall that is 2.5 hours two days a week. It will mostly be playing. I’ll go into the office while he’s there. It’s early (he’ll be two) and unnecessary, but I think he’ll enjoy it and I’ll have a little work time that way. Worth a shot I guess!


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