Make Someone’s Day: The #livingonloveproject for April

It’s a brand new month! (Well, tomorrow!) Now that Spring is really, truly here and all of that winter funk is behind us, let’s be inspired. Last month, the #creativemamas made my day when they surprised me with a baby shower. Because of their unbelievable thoughtfulness, April’s #livingonloveproject will be all about making someone’s day.

make-someones-day Here are a few ways you can make someone’s day:

  • Give them a handmade gift
  • Leave a surprise on their doorstep
  • Say YES to your kiddos
  • Plan a date for your love
  • Fill up their gas tank
  • Deliver coffee to a friend
  • Write a thoughtful letter
  • Make them breakfast in bed
  • Cook them a meal
  • Pay for the person behind you
  • Make them a mixtape
  • Let them sleep in
  • Mail them a fun package
  • Help a family in need
  • Pamper them
  • Donate to a shelter
  • Give them free babysitting
  • Plan a day trip

Sometime between now and the end of April, MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY. Take a photo (or several!) to share what you did to make someone feel special. Then, use the hashtag #livingonloveproject and share them on Instagram. Check the hashtag often to be inspired by what others are doing to MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY this month. 

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! xoxo, L


  1. Stefanie says

    I can comment here, since they won’t see 😉
    My friend and babysitter is adopting a little girl! When they go to court this month, I’m going over to their place and decorating for a special “Welcome Home, __ Family!” with a balloon path and banner. I’m so excited! Just waiting for that court date!

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