2 Weeks Into Essential Oils

You might know that I’ve been quite interested in essential oils for the past year or so. I finally invested in a doTerra Family Physician kit not quite 2 weeks ago, and let me tell you, I am already amazed. I am still such a beginner with these oils, but I have found several ways to use them already and the benefits have been so wonderful. If you are interested in how essential oils might benefit your health and lifestyle, please contact me! I don’t know everything, but I can certainly help you get started. photo1-25 I use lavender the most. I’ve been using lavender on Margot’s feet at bedtime. Would you believe that she’s been sleeping through the night? Yep, and she started doing so as soon as we started using the oils. I also use it in the big girls’ bath, just before bed to help them relax. I’ve put it on our pillows at night and I’ve used it while vacuuming, too. It makes the house smell amazing! Oh, and I’ve used this on itchy bug bites instead of using an anti-itch cream. So far, so good!

For headaches, (and I get them regularly) I’ve been using a mix of peppermint, lavender, and frankensense on my neck, temples, and forehead. It has been amazing to see the results and to not have to worry about taking Tylenol. I haven’t had a migraine the past 2 weeks either! Not sure if the oils have much to do with that or not.

I have been having weird shoulder pains for a few weeks now. I think from when I was co-sleeping with Margot. I often slept with my arm up above my head, and would wake with pain in my shoulder every morning. Instead of using Tylenol or Bengay, I used Deep Blue (a doTerra oil blend) and the pain was relieved almost instantly. It smells just like Bengay, in my opinion, but knowing that it’s all natural instead of full of chemicals is fantastic! (Bengay is among the worst, fyi. You can’t use it while pregnant, either!!)

I’ve also been using lemon almost everyday. I’ve added a drop to my ice water and I’ve used it for cleaning – adding it to my vinegar all-purpose cleaner, and using it when I wash and rinse my produce.

My next purchases are going to be Balance (another doTerra oil blend) and a good diffuser. I’m so excited to continue learning and so happy to be living a more natural, healthier life! If you use essential oils, I’d love to know your favorite ways! If you are interested in learning more, please contact me! (And locals – I’d be happy to let you in on my discount!) xoxo, L

P.S. – HUGE shout-out to my girl, Jenny, who finally convinced me to try them out. I’ve been learning SO MUCH from her!



  1. says

    I am so excited! Nothing makes me happier than helping friends take back their health in a natural way. Even baby steps make such a huge difference and you have made much more than baby steps! I’ll have to try the lavender/peppermint/frank combo for headaches for Abby. The Past Tense blend helps me a lot! If I can catch a headache before it turns into a migraine it works really well. And Deep Blue? LOVE IT!! So happy for you!! YAY!

  2. Alexis says

    I definitely would be interested in learning more about essential oils! I’m trying to go more towards products that are good for me :)

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