Survival Mode

photo2 I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it’s summer time (can this be a legitimate excuse?) or the fact that I have 3 small children (yeah, this has to be it,) all who demand my attention in various ways, but lately, I cannot stay on top of things. One day, the house is clean but dinner isn’t eaten until 7:30. Another day, dinner is fabulous and ready when Phil gets home, but the house is a complete disaster. Some days I get tons of work done, but my kids watch way too much Netflix. Other days, we’re outside for hours and I am completely behind on work. Some mornings I wake up and shower, which puts me in a halfway decent mood. Other days, I wake up the minute Phil is walking out the door and don’t change out of my PJs until mid afternoon. What I’m trying to say here is I am juggling a lot of balls and I have not yet mastered the art. Capiche?¬† photo3 At the same time, I’m having all kinds of crazy thoughts about all the things. Buying a home. Using a budget. Starting to include some “school” in our day. Setting up regular playdates. Etc. I usually am not a control freak of any sort, but suddenly I want to be in charge of and on the ball with everything. I want us to have a rhythm. We’ve never had one before, not really. We lived life on the seat of our pants. But with 3 in tow and a baby who wants to nurse ALL DAY LONG, the seat of our¬†pants thing just isn’t working. Everyday we have meltdowns and fits and messes. Everyday I am texting Phil about how absurd it all is. Is this really my life? Everyday I am counting down the minutes until bedtime. (Which really isn’t like it used to be because of child #3 who thinks I am an all-you-can-eat buffet.) And I hate that. photo4 What used to be living on love has turned into survival mode, my friends. And that is not a blog that anyone wants to read. So this summer, I am giving myself some much-needed and well-deserved time off. I wish I could say to not expect a post here until September rolls around, but if you know me at all, you know that’s not very likely. I’ll still be here, sharing a new #livingonloveproject each month. And later in June, there’s going to be an AMAZING giveaway. (Seriously. Mark your calendars for June 30.) I’m sure I’ll have some other things that I’ll just HAVE to share. But the point is, I’m not going to spend nearly as much time planning and writing and posting. Instead, I’m going to try to figure out how to manage this family of 5 without feeling like I’m a crazy person by 4:00 in the afternoon each day.

We’ll still be chatting about all sorts of fun things over at The Gathering, and Lord knows I can’t stay away from Instagram. So if you want to stay in touch over the next few months while the blog is chirping crickets, that’s where I’ll be.

I love you all so very much and appreciate your understanding and support! -L



  1. Tarah says

    I also just had baby #3 and it sounds like you are describing my life in this post! I hope you are able to find your rhythm (I haven’t yet!). Enjoy your summer!

  2. says

    I’m glad you are giving yourself a little time. It’s way too soon for you to expect to have it all together. If your house is ever clean you are doing better than I was when I had three little ones. It was absolutely survival mode. I cannot even remember the first year of three when Emily was four, Jake was one, and Teddy was newborn. It’s just a blur. But I got through it somehow and you will too!

  3. Michelle Lubbers says

    It’s my life too. Baby #3 is 13 months old, still not sleeping through the night. Husband cannot figure out why I never feel like sex, and it is constantly a pizza dinner and no bath night cuz I’m not going to fight about one more thing with my 3 1/2 yr old. The only way I figure I could remotely get ahead is to grocery shop/meal prep and clean in the wee hours of the morning, but I am just not disciplined enough and I just let things go. Enjoy your time off and take some pressure off. Your kids are only young once, and they need you to be present.

  4. says

    I only have one and I take time off in the summer now from all of this (did it the first time last summer). Enjoy being with the kids and summer and fun and relaxing when you can. It’ll all be here when you return. And we’ll all be here too.

  5. Danielle says

    Good for you, mama! Seriously! We are in the same season of life right now.. Three girls under 3, a 2m old who nurses and wants to be held all the time. I know EXACTLY how much you need and deserve a break and I think it’s great that you recognize it and are taking care of your needs! Most of the time us mamas just neglect ourselves day in and day out until we are just completely burnt out. I’m looking for routine too, but I’m trying to set the bar low and remember that safe, happy kids are number 1.. All things else can wait, even if I really really don’t WANT them to. They can and I can learn to be ok with that. Praying for you!

  6. Stefanie says

    This has been my life for the past year or so… Since my babe became more mobile. I work full time outside the home. I liken it to the plate spinner at the circus… God forbid we throw a new activity in there, like gymnastics which is coming up. Ugh! Here’s to a slower pace for you, and a little vacation for me which would probably be spent cleaning. Some day in the next couple years I hope to start working at home only. Focus on my babe and the home, and start home-schooling! ((Dreams))

  7. Charity says

    Thank you for this post! I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only mother of three in survival mode. My girls are 8 months, 4, and almost 6. It’s so hard to keep up with even the basics these days. I feel less capable and less efficient than in times past, but in reality it’s just more time-consuming to care for three little ones, and especially a baby. I wish I could truly change my expectations so I wouldn’t feel disappointed so often. But in the meantime I rely on God, my family, my friends to help me through this busy season. I appreciate honest mothers like yourself who share what’s really going on and what they really are feeling. Thanks again! Best wishes.


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